Speaker: Art Leuterman

Home Base: Houston, Texas
Willing to travel: Yes

Bio: Art has been an active member of the AKA for over three decades; having served the membership in various positions including Affiliate Club Chair, Secretary of the BOT, Advisor to the BOT, and as Chairman of the BOT on three occasions. He is currently serving as Judging Chair and on the Board of Trustees.
He co-founded the Texas Area Killifish Organization and is the current editor of the TAKO Newsletter, as well as the designated TAKO BELLE REVUE Show Chairman for Life. He has had several articles published in JAKA, NANFA and various club newsletters on fishes and collecting.

He worked in the oilfield in the QHSE arena for over 37 years prior to retirement in 2015 and the constant traveling necessitated by business presented frequent opportunities to collect in Asia, Africa, North America and South America during those years.

Prior to the 2017 flooding from Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath, Art maintained 200 aquaria of various sizes, with killies, dwarf cichlids, bettas, plecos and Lake Tanganyikan cichlids. Since the flood the fish room capacity is quite a bit more modest and fluctuates between 35 and 40.

Contact: speakers@aka.org