AKA 2024 Annual Convention, Announcement

Announcing the 2024 Annual Convention of the American Killifish Association

The Suncoast Killifish Society will host the 2024 AKA annual convention in Tampa, Florida, from Thursday, May 16th through Monday, May 20th. The American Livebearers Association and International Betta Congress will host their annual conventions in conjunction with our event, making this one of the most impressive shows in 2024.

Pre-Convention Activities: Tours of local Florida fish farms will be available on Thursday, May 16th. and Friday morning, May 17th.

Our convention will begin Friday afternoon with a speaker program, a rare fish auction and an open hospitality suite.

Saturday will have a number of speaker programs, the open show room, vendors tables, a swap meet and a wine and a wine & beer tasting fund raiser. In the evening there is the convention banquet, award presentations and a program.

Sunday opens with AKA BOT and ALA BOD meetings, followed by a huge Killifish and Livebearer Auction where hundreds of pairs of fish will be sold, along with plants, equipment and other items.

Post Convention Activities: On Monday, May 20TH., there will be as many as three different collecting trips to local Florida habitats, each hosted by an experienced guide.

The 2024 convention offers early registration discounts, money saving registration/banquet packages and other offerings that are sure to interest everyone.

Register now at the convention website:   https://akaconvention.org 

AKA Member Survey 2023

All AKA Member’s in good standing are invited to fill out our 2023 Membership Survey.  The results of our survey help us remove, add or change our programs in upcoming years to better meet the needs of our member’s.  Please give us some of your valuable time, to complete our survey for the future of the American Killifish Association.

Our survey is accessed via the hard link on the right upper part of our home screen under the menu “AKA & AFFILIATE CLUB MAJOR EVENTS”, use the link entitled “AKA 2023 Member Survey”.  Our survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time.

All of us on the BOT sincerely appreciate your time and dedication by completing our survey,

Respectfully Submitted,  Jim Langan, AKA Webmaster

Public Library Updated

I’ve updated the AKA Public Library, with new organization and a new page layout.  It features a new horizontal menu with high resolution pictorial headers and automatic pop-up menus on topic mouse-hover.

Please review the articles featured, and consider submitting an article of interest of yours.  You can tie in your new article with submitted photos for our new “Member Photo Gallery” new last month.  Then you are able to make your photos public to be browsed publicly from the AKA homepage. Your photos and articles can be written and published to compliment each other.

Please email your submittals to me via my AKA email address, aka.webmaster@aka.org

Respectfully submitted from “coooold” Minnesota,

JP Langan, AKA Webmaster