The George Maier Fund


The George Maier Fund – Re-launched & now tax deductible

The purpose of the George Maier Fund is to provide grants for scientific research and associated activities that enhance the knowledge of killifish, especially as applied to their reproduction, life cycle, maintenance, nutritional requirements and food sources, biology, ecology, habitat, conservation, nomenclature and biological relationships.

The Fund was initiated several years ago by the American Killifish Association to honor the memory of George Maier, not only a warm and a wonderful man who helped untold numbers of killifish hobbyists, but also a founding member of both the American Killifish Association and the Chicago Killifish Association, the oldest affiliate club in the U.S.

Originally a committee within the American Killifish Association, the George Maier Fund was re-established as of March 5, 2010 as a separate tax exempt public charity, US-IRS Code 501(c)(3), making all donations from that date tax deductible.

The A.K.A. and the Fund are designated as organizations with a special relationship wherein they operate in a coordinated manner with respect to facilities, programs or related activities. As such, the A.K.A. continues to provide assistance in all aspects of the Fund’s activities and to actively solicit funds and facilitate donations through this website.

The tax exempt status also makes the Fund eligible for grants and donations from other tax exempt entities, greatly expanding the potential to solicit funds.

Because the Fund is formed exclusively for scientific research and associated activities within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, it cannot provide educational grants, scholarships, fellowships, educational Loans or other educational grants to individuals or organizations.

All individuals other than legal relatives of Maier Fund officers, board or grant committee members are eligible to receive grants regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation or membership in any particular group, association or other entity. The applicant does not have to be a member of the American Killifish Association or any organization to be eligible for a grant.

Any organization whose activities are compatible with and supportive of the stated purposes of the Fund are also eligible to receive grants unless they are a direct employers or have a consulting relationship with any Fund officer, board member or grant committee member.  

A Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary administer the Fund. The governing Board of Directors is a five (5) person group that approves all activities and policies of the Fund and with, the Chairman, provides grant oversight functions required of tax-exempt organizations. Rounding out the organization is a largely autonomous five (5) member Grant Committee that evaluates all applications and selects the winning grant proposal. We have an enormously talented group of volunteers who have volunteered their time, energy and considerable expertise and experience to the Fund. We thank them all. A complete list of volunteers is given at the end of this page.

The reorganization required the generation of a constitution and bylaws, a procedure for submitting grant requests, and another document delineating the grant award procedure. These are downloadable in Adobe PDF format using the above links, and are also available in the public IRS files under document location number (DLN) 17053243357000.

The Fund’s fiscal year begins on January 1st. and ends on December 31st. of each year. Our first financial statement was issued at the end of 2010 and will also be available both upon request and through the aforementioned document record.

Previous accomplishments include funding participation in a study by Dr. Brian Watters on the suitability of habitats for Nothobranchius reproduction; a study that included some breakthrough information on the soil characteristics essential to a successful habitat. The Fund also participated in a project that resulted in the naming of a new Rivulus species.

Supported by several planned promotional projects and a vigorous multi-dimensional fundraising program, we initiated our first grant cycle under the new organization in early 2011. We intend the Maier Fund to eventually become an important source for the funding of killifish research, and we fully expect to participate in many future projects that will benefit both the science and the hobby.

But we need your help and your generosity to achieve these goals. Look over our organizational documents; we trust you will agree that this worthwhile and unique endeavor is worthy of your interest and your support. Your tax exempt donation will increase our knowledge of killifish, support their conservation and that of their habitats. Your participation is a direct and effective way of being part of these endeavors, and to give something of substance back to the hobby that has brought you so much pleasure and knowledge over the years.

All this and a tax credit too. So please consider a donation and join us in making the launch of the newly organized George Maier Fund a memorable one. Join the team and make a difference.

And to our loyal past supporters, you formed the foundation for what the Fund is today, and can be tomorrow. Please accept our sincerest thanks for your donations, your patience and your understanding. We hope that you will continue your support in the future, and we look forward to furthering our long and productive relationship.

Donations of cash or goods with convertible value can be immediately accepted. Please send donations directly to Jack Heller, 14212 Trailtop Drive, Chesterfield, MO. 63017. Make checks payable to the George Maier Fund. PayPal donations are accepted through the website using the Donate button on the “Make a Donation to the GMF” page. If you are considering donations other than cash, please contact Charlie or Jack for further instructions.

Any donation made since March 5, 2010 is tax deductible this year. Please contact Jack Heller, the Fund Treasurer, to obtain the appropriate paperwork for your files.

For further information and document requests, contact Charlie Nunziata at, or, 727-393-3757, 6530 Burning Tree Drive, Seminole, FL. 33777.

The Officers and committee members of the George Maier Fund as of 12/1/2019:

Officers Board of Directors Grant Committee
Charles Nunziata
Charles Harrison Director:
Dr. Bruce Stallsmith
Jack Heller
Dan Katz Dr. Glen Collier
Dr. Anthony Terceira (acting)
Joeseph Ferdenzi Dr. Michael Ghedotti
  Dr. Anthony Terceira Bruce Turner, PhD.
  Dr. Peter Unmack Dr. Andrew Whitehead

Legal information: IRS EIN: 80-0531667.IRS  Document location number: 17053243357000. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. George Maier Fund: Registration #: CH33046 Expiration: Date: September 3, 2011. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (800-435-7352) within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.