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AKA Annual Voting now Active

To vote in this years election use the menu option “AKA On-Line Voting 2017” on the top right of the homepage under the menu heading “AKA & Affiliate Club Major Events”.

We have many excellent candidates running and their BIO’s will be found in this months BNL edition coming very soon. As in previous years you are allowed to vote for up to three(3) candidates. Results will be totaled and then distributed in October’s BNL with the newly elected BOT members identified.

To vote you must use your email address that is registered with your AKA membership account. Once submitted and recorded you will receive an email with your recorded vote. Votes are tallied anonymously, however, we do record your email address so you are only allowed to vote once.

If any one has any questions do not hesitate to let me know.

Respectfully Submitted, JP Langan, AKA Webmaster

New Member Program

When new member’s join they will find some new updates!

First the new member process is a little more streamlined, we now only require name and email address at time of registration. Since the beginner’s guide is available for review in the AKA Public Library we offer the guide a-la-cart, so a new member can now decide if they want to pay for its shipping or not.

Many AKA members have been breeding beginner’s species and these species are now offered to first time new domestic AKA registrants for a flat rate shipping only cost of $15.00. We need to give a huge thanks to these individuals who are coordinated thru Joe Ferdenzi (AKA Beginner Committee Chairman). A list of available fish is presented in the new member program for viewing and subsequent purchase. Because of limited quantities, we are limiting purchases to one pair of killies. These fish are presented with high quality pictures for each fish listed to help the beginner make their selections. A data base is tracked and immediately updated for each order eliminating sold-out situations. When the available fish count goes to zero, the species drops of the available list.

We hope these and other website updates will stimulate more interest in the AKA and more AKA membership as we continue to provide more benefits to our new members and existing members.

Respectfully submitted, JP Langan, AKA Webmaster

New Killifish Master Index Photo Gallery

We’ve added a new website feature…

Once logged into our members’ area, members’ may now go to the Killifish Master Index Gallery, and research photos of uploaded Killifish pictures. Although I originally wrote this feature for WAKO’s Wisconsin Area Killifish Association’s website a few years ago, it’s been expanded with the exhaustive Killifish gallery of the AKA, and the software has been optimized for high perfromance. Tony Terceira, Rich Pierce and myself have expanded the data base dramatically with higher resolution new material and reworked older material..

Our data base is one of the most extensive photo databases of Killifish on-line anywhere.

Although we are still updating the genus names and performing reorganization to meet new genus and species nomenclature, everything is complete enough for a full membership roll-out. Please take advantage of this and the many other new website features we offer to you our members…

Respectfully submitted, JP Langan, AKA Webmaster