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Annual Convention Fish Registration Opens

Annual AKA convention Fish Registration

If you are planning to enter fish in this year’s Show, Auction, or Box Sale at the annual convention; Please consider registering your fish early at our Annual Convention home-page…

  • You do not need to attend this year’s show or be an AKA member to enter fish in the Show, Auction, or Box Sale. All sold fish are a 70/30 split in favor of the entrant. Money is paid to entrant at the conclusion of the box sale, all sales are cash (US currency).

This year’s registration for fish is now on-line and open. If you are a current AKA member, you will only need your AKA profile email address to register. Enter your email address and select the “find my record” option. Your profile information will be used to auto-fill all fields and take you immeditely to the fish registration.

When registering your fish remember the following:

  • You may make as many change during multiple sessions, once you “finalize” your registration you will not be able to make any further changes to your list, without AKA convention assistance.
  • Please use the search field to search your species when entering, most genus, sub-genus and species names are found in our data-base. Searched fishes even though location might not match will give you a fast start when enteering your fish. The species and location fields are able to be manually entered when the appropriate check-boxes are set in the form.
  • If you’ve entered “box-sale” fish entries you will receive a separate communication email April 15th or there-after with a list of your entries and an website link to add your pricing. Manual price changes at the convention will not be allowed as the box-sale tags will be printed in advance and have a Qr wanding code for fast check-out at the box sale.
  • Please refer to the registration help directions for registration details.
  • If you observe any problems or issues during the registration process please let me know as quickly as possible, this allows me to make adjustments/corrections in our program to avoid other’s from having the same repetitive problems.

Those of us working on this year’s show and AKA’s numerous volunteers sincerely appreciate your participation in this year’s show.

Respectfully Submitted, JP Langan, AKA Webmaster

AKA Annual Membership Survey

Please take a few minutes of your valuable time…

to complete the AKA Annual Membership Survey 2018. This survey is extremely important to us as we are planning AKA long term projects based on your input, suggestions, and considerations. If you have any questions, or problems filling out this year’s survey do not hesitate to contact me. Please answer all questions in this year’s survey.

To take the survey you may click on the link above or use the “Annual Survey” on the “AKA & AFFILIATE CLUB MAJOR EVENTS” menu to the right of our homepage. The only entry is your email address registered with the AKA for your membership access, you may only take the survey once.

When taking our Survey…
please remember all yes/no answers are check buttons and you must click in the button not the text for your selection to be made. Many answers cause interaction with the server and you will be presented with additional questions. If you submit with mistakes or questions let me know and I can purge your original survey and you may take the survey over.

if you leave the page for any reason without submitting your survey your answers and responses are lost and you will need to retake the entire survey.

Thank you for taking this year’s survey!

Respectfully submitted, Jim Langan, AKA Webmaster

Beginner’s Killifish Species now Available

If your thinking of joining the American Killifish Association the “most Visited” menu on left titled “Available Beginner’s Species” displays those fish available to you when you join. When joining you may specify one pair of beginner’s Killifish available when registering. These fish are provided by breeder’s in the AKA as a donation to you. You will be charged a domestic shipping fee for guaranteed live delivery of your fish.

This offer is available to US domestic new members only, and applies between March 1 and October 31 for live delivery. You will be contacted after joining the AKA for delivery arrangements.

Be certain to check from time to time as our available species change periodically. You may always email myself or our Beginner’s Committee Chairman for further details.

Respectfully Submitted, Jim Langan, AKA Webmaster