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New AKA Forums

We’ve added new Forums to the AKA Member Area

Once you login to the AKA Members’ Area there is a FORUM button, which will take you to our new AKA Forums. From there all AKA members can publish questions and hopefully receive answers from our diverse and experienced membership. These new forums include much faster response, inclusion of images in the messages and posts, and a much nicer more elegant experience.

We hope you utilize and enjoy the new Forums. We are receiving some help from Rich Pierce, who from time to time will inject his vast knowledge as moderator, and our newest asset is Andy Jameson from Oak Park heights, MN. Andy will be administrating and moderating the boards. Matt Kaufman will also continue to act as moderator for the boards.

Non AKA Members can read all posts on the AKA Forums, but are not allowed to post in our Forums.

Respectfully Submitted, Jim Langan, AKA Webmaster

AKA Subscriptions via PAYPAL

AKA Members who have legacy PayPal Auto-Subscription payments will be receiving a notice from PayPal that their subscription payments were cancelled.

We have finished our transition to a new data base and accounting system that utilizes: improved membership notification & management, lower cost overhead, and more secure transactions with PayPal. Do not be alarmed if you received a PayPal notification that your subscription has been cancelled.

Moving forward all AKA member’s will need to go to the join renew page, enter their email address, and select their membership options 1, 3, or 5 year membership and how they choose to make their payment.

Feel free to call me if you are an AKA member with further questions or concerns. My phone number is readily available in the on-line roster.

Respectfully Submitted…       Jim Langan, AKA Webmaster

AKA Annual Convention Fish registration is now open

Please note that fish registration does not require show attendance.

This is only a convenience for our convention volunteers to receive your fish lists in advance so we can plan for and assign tanks space, plan for and setup box sale room and associated tasks and responsibilities.

We’ve added a new feature this year, on the AKA Annual Convention homepage you will find a hot-button for…    Registered Fish list&pics
This feature uses the registered fish lists, presents them to you, sorted and categorized by genus, and links the fish entries to a very large picture data base. You are now able to visually examine fish which will be presented at our annual show…

When entering fish be certain to use the KMI name look-ups for your fish, if found in our KMI (Killifish Master Index) data base, they will auto-link to photos from our KMI data base. Species entered manually will most likely not be matched, therefore presenting pictures is impossible.

Please note that you may go-in/out of your fish list as often as you deem necessary, however, once you “Finalize” your registration, the AKA Convention staff will need to unlock your record for further changes. A “Finalized” list begins the tank assignment process and adds your fish list to the registered pics&list feature on our Convention website.

We sincerely hope you appreciate this new feature…, JP Langan, AKA Webmaster