Aug 112014

kmi_advertThe Killifish Master Index was updated today with all entries for Austrolebias, Callopanchax, Campellolebias, Crenichthys, Cualac, Cubanichthys, Cynolebias and Cynopoecilus.  Currently the Internet Committee is transitioning all previous data entries from the old system into its own database and website.  It is hoped the committee will be able to add new species, pictures and links to hobbyist information in the future.

The KMI is an official publication of the A.K.A. and maintained online at or can be reached via a link in the AKA website. 

Aug 102014

  N. patrizii The AKA Website now has been updated to display all of the photo galleries of killifish that have been part of the system in the past.  Also included in the update are the two galleries available of the 2014 and 2005 AKA National Conventions.  It is hoped we will be able to add the member galleries shortly.

In addition, the KMI has been updated to contain all data for Adinia through Austrofundulus.

Aug 042014

The rebuild and updating of the Killifish Master Index is underway and can be viewed by clicking the graphic link in the right side menu.

Current plans are to complete this huge effort in several stages:

Stage 1 – Transfer all 2010 KMI Data ( the last release) to the new system.

  • All Genus Information – *completed*
  • All Species Data – *currently underway*

Stage 2 – Initiate updating the Species Data to bring it up to date with new genus, species and other information.

Stage 3 – Complete the Reference Material.

Stage 4 – Initiate an effort to provide pictures of every species (and at some point hopefully every population)

This is a massive project and will take considerable time to complete.  However, the species section of the KMI should be fully in place within the next couple of months.  Currently, Adinia and Aphanius are complete and can be viewed online.

Jul 072014
One common request we receive as AKA members, is to provide information about killies to others. It’s not unusual that an AKA member is a member of other fish clubs, like a local aquarium society, and local aquarium clubs always need speakers. In order to make it easier for members to present information about killies to their local aquarium clubs, the AKA has created a Digital Presentation Program that you can use. Through this program, you as an AKA member can obtain presentations, produced by the AKA, that you can show at your local club. The presentations are in Microsoft Powerpoint format. In addition, AKA will provide a free 1 year membership for you to donate to the club; that club can pass on that membership however they choose, for example by auction or raffle. In addition, if you give a presentation at a general aquarium society, you are eligible for points towards the Killifish Hobbyist of the Year program. Please visit for information on the KHY. 
How it works: To obtain the presentation, simply e-mail your name and e-mail address to The coordinators will send you a link you can use to download the presentation, in Powerpoint format. A typical presentation is around 30-40 megabytes, so you’ll need a little free space on your computer for the download. Once you have the contact information for the new member, send that to Please be sure that the contact information contains the recipient’s name, address and e-mail address. 
Available presentations: Currently, there is “An Introduction to Killifish – AKA 2014″ available. More presentations are in the works; expect to see updates in future issues of the BNL Any questions on this program, please feel free to e-mail
Jun 292014

Several updates and additions are underway on the website.

1.  I am replacing links to certain areas of the website (store, library, gallery, affiliate Clubs, Auction site) with graphic links to make it simpler to navigate the website.  You will find these just beneath the header.

2.  The Photo Gallery is back and in early stages of a complete rebuild.  Currently several photos of the 2014 AKA National Convention are accessible.  This will be greatly expanded over the next couple weeks to include everything from the past and a number of new items.  Hang in there.