Apr 152014

   Everything you need to know about the 2014 AKA National Convention and some things you probably didn’t want to know.

   Included in this .PDF file are registration forms for the convention, show fish and sales room as well as the Weekend Event Schedule.  You will also find a great deal of information about many of the things you need to know about the weekend including hotel reservations, the George Maier Conservation Program, Photography Competition and the Fish Show Classes.

   Members of the AKA should have received this in their e-mail, but it is now online here for anyone to view.


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Mar 042014

The Arizona Rivulin Keepers have updated information about their annual killifish picnic on their  website.  The page is http://forum.azrivulinkeepers.org/index.php?topic=139.0. 

If anyone is planning to donate fish, they should contact Allan Semeit at azkillie@yahoo.com for the mailing address. 

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Jan 312014

woetjes   The 2014 AKA National Convention Organizing Committee would like to announce the Tonnie Woeltjes from the Netherlands has graciously consented to our Featured Sunday Morning Speaker.  Tonnie will be offering two talks at this year’s convention, one covering the Aphanius (including all the new species) and the other on Aphyosemions with a focus on the newest species as well as the likelihood of more new species being found and described.

   Tonnie joins an already exciting line-up that includes Stefano Valdesalici from Italy,  Andre Shoneville from the Netherlands and Lenny Mackowiak from the USA.

More speakers and workshops will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

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Jan 272014

   Jan. 27, 2014 – Over the past couple of weeks, the AKA website has been undergoing a number of issues including a DOS (Denial of Services) problem.  I won’t get into the specifics, but it caused the website to slow to as much as 30 seconds before allowing a page to load.  With the assistance of the ISP (BlueHost) I believe we have cleared up the majority of that issue and page loads should be much improved.   Another issue we have faced is the loss of connectivity to our subdomains (ie: Convention Website, affiliate club websites, West African Killies, etc.)  I expect this issue to be resolved by Tuesday, Jan. 28th and those links should be back to normal.

— Tom Grady, AKA Webmaster

Jan 092014

   I just want to drop a note about some ongoing website work over the next few days.  It is possible there will be times you will not be able to access the website and I apologize in advance for any disruptions as well as for yesterday’s interruptions.  Here is what we are doing in this order:

  • The ISP and I are optimizing the entire system to be much faster (hopefully), but this could cause some disruptions in service temporarily.  We have had to deal with an attack on the website over the past 24 hours and are working to repair the damage that caused also.
  • Installing a new gallery system which should be superior to the current one.
  • Continuing to add new content/update current content.  This includes Facebook & Twitter upgrades.
  • Building the Wild Collections website.
  • Initiating a great deal of effort into transferring the entire KMI.
  • Adding some back end modules to allow for greater Admin processes for a number of AKA operations related to the Internet.
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Dec 172013

Orestias chuncarensis  A paper published on Zootaxa (The genus Orestias (Teleostei: Cyprinodontidae): nomenclatural errors in the assignation of species names) has reviewed the genus Orestias and come up with a number of interesting notes including errors in the nomenclature for a number of species as well as notice of a questionable species.  A interesting side note is the authors (FRANCO CRUZ-JOFRÉ, MOISÉS A. VALLADARES, IRMA VILA & MARCO A. MÉNDEZ) are part of the Institute of Ecological Diversity at the University of Chili in Las Palmeras.

   The genus Orestias (Valenciennes 1839) includes 44 valid species and one currently under review from the Altipano in the Andes Mountains.  More than half of the species inhabit the Lake Titicaca region (editors note: there is question as to how many are now extinct.) and the rest range from Lake Lacsha in the center of Peru and the Ascotan salt pan in northern Chili.   The authors noted the genus has been used as a model to study the speciation process.

An abridged copy of the paper can be accessed at:  http://www.mapress.com/zootaxa/2013/f/z03746p599f.pdf.    (The accompanying photo for this news item is a linked public domain picture of Orestias chungarensis.)

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Nov 302013

New Features & Upgrades added Nov. 30th:

* Members of the AKA Website may now use a Private Messaging System that is contained within the AKA Forums.  You can send and receive personal ‘mail’ to any member of the website with this new feature.

* Upgraded some of the graphics in the Forums.

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Nov 012013

If you have registered in the past few weeks and not received approval for access to the website, it is likely
it is because you did not follow the registration directions and will need to re-register if you want access.

   Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed a tendency of folks to ignore the website registration notice that you must create a username using ONLY the first letter of your first name and your complete last name. You may NOT use a Nickname for your username.  This is for security precautions which allows the website to deny access to wandering BOTs that try to register and then spam the website.

- The Admin

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