Annual Convention Registration, January 1st, 2017

AKA Annual Convention registration will begin @ 12:00 am (CST), Wednesday January 1st.

AKA Annual Convention Website

In preparation for a quick and fast registration, I encourage all members who plan to attend this event to review and update their membership profiles in advance of registration.

Please use the Members Menu tools (on right hand menu) to insure that your email address, phone, and home address are current. Our new Annual Convention registration program has a quick search feature enabling you to enter your email address, search for your information, and all critical registration fields are filled in automatically.

If you are not an AKA member, or your membership profile is not current, you can still register for our Annual Convention, however, you will need to manually input your contact information.

Respectfully Submitted…    Jim Langan, AKA Webmaster

New Member Login Area Activated

Profile Access

To access your profile use the “Members” Menu to the right.

You will login using your email address and password combination. If you have forgotten your password you may use the menu option “Member Lost or Forgotten Password” you will need to enter your email address and submit to receive an email containing a temporary password. If you receive an error “Non valid email account entered…” you will need to notify me (AKA Webmaster) with your name, email address, and phone number.

If for some reason you do not receive an expected temporary password within a few minutes (5 or less), then email me as above and I will call you to discuss, usually this is an ISP issue from your provider blocking our emails, however, with some efforts we can work around these challenges.

Once you log into you account profile, you can check your JAKA label, and other important contact information in your profile.

If you have difficulty logging in or updating your profile with our new software, please send me an email including your contact information and issues you’re experiencing.  I’ll resolve your problem…

Thanks in advance, JP Langan, AKA Webmaster