Oct 252014

A number of members received an e-mail with the subject: Password Reset from “American Killifish Association”.  This is either a phishing scam or an attempt to compromise the AKA web site.   As always, never follow a link in an e-mail that asks for personal, financial or account information.  You do not need to do anything except delete the messages.  Unless you followed the link in the e-mail and changed your password, no changes were made to your account or password.

Thank you,

Rich Pierce, Chairman

Oct 182014

October 24 – 26. The Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies 2014 Convention. Includes an 8 class AKA Sanctioned Killifish Show, which qualifies for KEY and KHY points. Mail-ins welcomed. No entry fee, all mail-ins auctioned. Mail-in deadline: Thursday October 23, 2014. Contact Art Leuterman : aleuterman@slb.com.

October 26. Tropical Fish Club of Burlington, VT. In addition to their regular auction, the estate of long-time AKA Member John Wubbolt will be auctioning his aquarium-related collection. There will be a large collection of books, of all types of fish, tank covers and hoods, at least one linear pump and a large assortment of bags with filters and other assorted fish tank items. 75% of the auction proceeds for his items will go to the John Wubbolt fund, while the rest of the auction is a 60/40. All monies received will go directly to John’s family. The auction starts at Noon at the VFW Hall, 73 Pearl St Essex Junction, VT. www.tfcb.org

November 1 – 2. San Diego Tropical Fish Society Annual Show. Includes the AKA Sanctioned Show (qualifies for KEY and KHY points) of the San Diego Killifish Group. Visit http://sandiegotropicalfish.com/ for more information. Contact Ron Harlan: rharlan@glendale.edu For mail-in instructions.

November 1 – 2 . Wisconsin Area Killifish Organization. 46th Anniversary, 34th Annual, Egg laying Toothcarp Jamboree. RAMADA Hotel-Airport 6331 South 13 St., Milwaukee, WI (414)-764-1500. Featured Speaker: Tyrone Genade Ph.D. AKA Sanctioned Show, Killifish Auction and more. www.aka.org/wako