Aug 112014

kmi_advertThe Killifish Master Index was updated today with all entries for Austrolebias, Callopanchax, Campellolebias, Crenichthys, Cualac, Cubanichthys, Cynolebias and Cynopoecilus.  Currently the Internet Committee is transitioning all previous data entries from the old system into its own database and website.  It is hoped the committee will be able to add new species, pictures and links to hobbyist information in the future.

The KMI is an official publication of the A.K.A. and maintained online at or can be reached via a link in the AKA website. 

Aug 102014

  N. patrizii The AKA Website now has been updated to display all of the photo galleries of killifish that have been part of the system in the past.  Also included in the update are the two galleries available of the 2014 and 2005 AKA National Conventions.  It is hoped we will be able to add the member galleries shortly.

In addition, the KMI has been updated to contain all data for Adinia through Austrofundulus.