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reminder: Check mops for fish before squeezing (Read 210 times)
Andy Jameson
YaBB Administrator

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reminder: Check mops for fish before squeezing
Feb 24th, 2024 at 7:15am
Maybe I just need to confess, but someone might benefit from the reminder.

After my many years, I know better, but last night I pulled the mop from the pair of A. tirbaki I got through new and rare and squeezed out enough water so it wouldn't drip all over as I brought it to the bench to check for eggs. There, the female dropped out as soon as I pulled the mop open. She was alive, but not acting right afterwards, so I dread checking on them this morning. It's so easy to get lazy when I seldom find a fish in the mop.

I'm going to try to change my habits and bring a little cup with me when I pull mops, put the wet mop in the cup and then bring it to the bench. That way, not only will i drip less, but I won't be trying to check a wet mop from a tank over my head or down by the floor. If there is a fish in the net, it should escape in the cup, or fall into it when I gently start by checking the mop. Then, when I'm done picking eggs, I can put the water and the mop back in with the adults. Wish me luck both re Mrs Tirbaki and changing my well worn habits.
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