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Setting up a Continuous Flow fry tank system (Read 2198 times)
Clive Howe
Ex Member

Setting up a Continuous Flow fry tank system
Aug 2nd, 2020 at 10:33am
I am contemplating setting up a continuous flow system for a series of small fry tanks. Between the local fish store, hydroponics store and online, securing parts for such a system appears to be no obstacle. Do other members have experience of such a system they might share. Any  conclusions in the nature of "I wish I had done it differently" would be hugely helpful. Will be glad to post a description of my completed project eventually.
I visualize the system will require a Cistern reservoir with heater, filter, pump, assorted array of small containers, and importantly flooding safety setup.
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Kenneth P. Simolo
Junior Member

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Re: Setting up a Continuous Flow fry tank system
Reply #1 - Aug 13th, 2020 at 12:39am
I have done some continuous flow systems but I prefer individual tanks with an automatic water change system instead,  That limits the scope of any possible problem.  Diseases, filter crash, etc can cause quite a lot of damage in a centralized system.

The one place I did use a continuous flow/centralized system the most was with small fry tanks.  I made fry tanks out of disposable "Tupperware" containers.  These were kept in a plastic tray on a shelf - the tray had a drain line down to an aquarium below which had a filter, heater, and pump.  I also had a system where the drain fittings were tied together with vinyl tubing.  Either works.   I think you will find drip emitters work the best to get a steady slow flow.  Any valves I used would slowly clog from deposits etc.  Because of heavy feeding, the tubs still needed cleaning every day but the fish had a steady stream of treated water.

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