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Help identifying my Gardneri (Read 1710 times)
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Help identifying my Gardneri
Mar 22nd, 2019 at 1:08pm
Hi all,

I bought a trio of Fundulopanchax Gardneri several months ago that ended up breeding before I knew what was happening. I found two fry during water changes that survived into 'adulthood.' Based on the AKA master gallery I thought I had Gardneri Udi but now that the juvs are both grown I feel like the two females, even though they looked exactly the same, were different sub-genus. What are your thoughts?

Photo of one juvenile:

Photo of the other juvenile (only two weeks younger):

Photo of both together:

The top fish looks just like the father. The pictures aren't great, but hopefully you can see the difference in coloration of the anal fin and the bottom of the caudal fin.

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