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Killifish organizations in the US

AKA - American Killifish Association
ARK - Arizona Rivulin Keepers Association
MKKA - Minnesota Killie Keepers Association
MKA - Michigan Killifish Association
CAKC - Chesapeake Area Killifish Club
ChiKA - Chicago Killifish Association
KKG - Keystone Killy Group
SLKA - St. Louis Killifish Association
SCKA - Southern California Killi Club
SKS-Suncoast Killifish Society
MAS - Michiana Aquarium Society

Upcoming Killifish Shows Events

Killifish Organizations of the World

British Killifish Association
New Zealand Killifish Association
KFN Killifish Netherland
Associazione Italiana Killifish
Scandinavian Killifish Association
French Killifish Association
German Killifish Association

Killifish Websites of Interest

Amazonas Magazine, 2018 Annual Show Sponsor
Killifish from Middle & South America-It rains fishes
The Fish Wizards
Alf & Anita Persson's Killipage, Sweden
Brian Torreano's Killies and Darters
International Killifish Conservation Program
Milwaukee Aquarium Society

Live Foods, Photography &
Misc Websites

Brine Shrimp Direct
The Bug Farm
Florida Tropical Fish Farms
Live Foods and Culturing Information

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