WAKO is a group of aquarium hobbyists dedicated to the breeding, maintenance and distribution of killifish. We are an affiliate club of the AKA American Killifish Association Our meetings are free and open to the public. We invite you to join us in preserving the over 700 species of this beautiful group of freshwater fish known as Killifish.

Greetings from us at WAKO

Check out our ANNUAL SHOW button below. We have updated the: Flyer, Speaker, Schedule of Events and Hotel pages. The registration button will be activated shortly. We will also be updating the Proxy button shortly.

Please consider reserving your Hotel room ASAP. WAKO has a limited block of rooms at a discounted rate of $99.00. Call the hotel directly at 414-570-1111 during non-busy hours. Comfort Suites-Airport has free shuttle service, free breakfast and a pool. All our activities will be held at the hotel.

Our Next Meeting :

Sunday Oct. 8, 2023

Our Sunday Oct. 8, 2023 WAKO meeting will be held at the home of Gary Sutcliffe in Slinger, WI. Please note the earlier week for the Oct. meeting. Arrivals welcomed after 2pm with the business portion starting at 4pm followed by the club auction.We will be focusing on the details of our upcoming Nov 4-5 Show and Auction. Thank you Ruth Warner for having hosted our Sept. meeting.

If you are not a member please fill out a WAKO Contact form and one of our members will contact you soon with necessary details for you to attend our next meeting....   If you are a WAKO member please login to our user/member area for contact information of our next meeting host...

We hope to see you there!

Please RSVP For all meetings: !!!
Talented as our hosts may be, none of them have acquired clairvoyant skills. If you plan to attend; RSVP the meeting host directly by phone or email. It is a courtesy for both the host as well as others attending.

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