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Excess males in a community tank? (Read 3127 times)
Walter Rissmeyer
Ex Member

Excess males in a community tank?
Aug 9th, 2018 at 11:16am
I'm raising up a number of groups of fry and I expect at least some of them to be male heavy.  So I was wondering about putting the excess males in a 40B community tank I keep that has a few pairs of dwarf west African cichlids (Nannochromis splendens and Congochromis sp. "super red"), some cories, some goodeids, pencilfish and an elephant nose knife fish.  It is obviously quite an eclectic mix but everyone gets along okay, except when the N. splendens spawn and protect their fry.  I just pull the fry and raise them in a breeder box and all is fine.

Anyway, I already put one lonely heart male E. singa in who is doing fine and have kept an excess pair of Aphyiosemion bivittatum in with some Kribs. But I haven't loaded up a tank with a bunch of excess males so I was wondering if anyone kept an all male mixed killi tank?  I expect to have some excess male A. celiae celiae, E. chaperi chaperi, A. jeanhuberi, etc. - possibly 3-4 of each.  I figure they are an attractive addition and it is nice to have the extra males around, especially if I decide on of them becomes more attractive/larger than what I originally selected for a breeding pair.

Anybody else doing this?  Any reason this is a terrible idea?
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