Instructions for KMI Photo Gallery

This program works utilizes a data base which is file sorted by species Genus.

Each genus has jpg files sorted by sub genus, species, and location. Species which do not have locations
use "noLoc" in the location field and are considered to be a generic picture of that species.
A.(sp).cognatum.noLoc.0.jpg generic photo of a cognatum
A.(sp).cognatum.Bandundu.0.jpg photo of cognatum from location "bandundu"

You must use the select buttons to push your pull down selection to the remote web server once you've
made your selection thru the pull down Genus, sub-Genus, and species menus.

You can not create a user reference list from a Genus (there are too many to display).

Once you have grouping on the screen the photos are accessed by clicking on
the 1, 2, 3... links following the location in the menu area below the pull downs.

Note the location links won't display unitl after the create list button is activated.