American Killifish Assoc., Introduction to Seligman's Letters

Lee Harper has graciously provided copies of two letters by Dr. Edward B. Seligman Jr. In 2007 he provided copies of the letters to the Aquarium Hobby Historical Society of America. In 2007 Lee wrote: "John Collins, who is a local member of our killifish group and a charter member of the AKA has given to me two old, copies of faded letters he says were from Edward B. Seligman, Jr., Ph.D., in 1952.

The topics are "Shipping Eggs of the Killiefish" and "Hybrids Among the Killifish"

I have no more knowledge of the origin of these letters. They are too faded to scan, but I am retyping them because of their interest. Mr. Seligman's thoughts and ideas are still relevant today." When I recently asked Lee about the letters he wrote: "Now that I examine the retyped letters I see that I did add the footnote with the date 1952.  So John Collins and Seligman may have corresponded before they joined the AKA as charter members.  As I recall Seligman wrote for the Aquarium Magazine and/or the Aquarium Journal."

You can find the letters below:

-- note: Mr Seligman spelled Killifish two ways in the separate letters, but is consistent within each letter.

Shipping Eggs of Killiefish

Hybrids Among Killifish