Microworm Culture Tip
by Paul Krombholz

You can get a lot more microworms out of a culture if you cut 1 inch strips of paper, soak them in water, and then stickxthem on the sides of the culture jar just touching the surface of the culture. Microworms will climb up on the wet paper much more readily than they climb up on glass. You can more than double the yield from a culture this way. To feed, peel off one or more strips and dangle them in the aquarium and then return to the side of the culture to pick up more worms. If you prefer a “cleaner” supply of worms, you can also dangle the strip in a glass of water, and in a minute or two the worms will have all settled at the bottom where they can be sucked up with an eyedropper and fed to the fish, with less contamination from organic matter from the culture.

I cut the paper in the right-sized strips and then soak it in water for around an hour just in case there might be some bad chemicals in the paper. I do not know that there are bad chemicals, but why take chances? I have soaked a big bunch of strips, dried them, and then they only have to be wetted prior to use. White note paper works better than newsprint. I reuse the paper until it begins to fall apart. Note paper lasts 1-2 weeks.