Gut Loading with Flake Food and Cat Food
by Norm Ruebsamen

We all have old flake food that was either purchased or won in a raffle. Some killies will eat flake but if yours aren’t interested, there is another great use for fish flake food. Grindals, white worms and microworms will all eat flake. Simply sprinkle the food on top of your culture 24 hours before you harvest your worms. The worms will have eaten the flake food and be gut loaded with all of the nutrients and vitamins found in fish food.

We have also found a great way to gut load blackworms. If you put a couple of pieces of dry cat food in with your blackworms they will forget about trying to climb up the sides of their container and completely surround the pieces of cat food forming a couple of large “balls”. The cat food will disappear very quickly. Change the blackworm water every 2 days just to keep crumbs from accumulating. The blackworms will last weeks longer, will be “gut loaded” for your fish, and you will even find hundreds of tiny blackworms developing in your culture (about the size of white worms) which are perfect for feeding smaller fish.