Red Worms for Food
by Norm Ruebsamen

During the last year or so I have been raising small red worms (leaf worms) in my basement. I never realized how easy it would be. I used a 50/50 ratio of peat and potting soil and filled an old 10 gallon aquarium 1/2 full. I added a starter culture of red worms which I got from Gerhard Kallus. I then placed a 1 inch layer of dried leaves on top of that. There were 20 or so worms in my starter. I fed the worms oatmeal, dry dog food, and old bread; sprinkling it on the surface of the dirt and then recovering the dirt with the leaves. I re-fed when the food disappeared. I was amazed at how fast they multiply. Within a couple of months, there were at least a thousand worms of various sizes.  Worms are very easy to collect. I place them in a small jelly jar of water for several hours which tends to clean the dirt from the inside and outside of the worms. (the worms do not drown and are still alive) While still in the jar, I use a scissors to chop them up. A blender would work also. All but the smallest killies love them. They make a great food and are a good source of vitamins and protein.

P.S. They multiply all year round... and the larger ones are great for fishing!