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Carolina Kilifish Club

The photo (left) is of a male Lucania parva (Rainwater Killifish) collected in North Carolina. The photo is created and owned by Scott Smith whose work can be seen at
The Carolina Killifish Club (CKC) established in 2018, is an affiliate of the American Killifish Association intended to foster the understanding, appreciation, care and husbandry of killifish among aquarists in the Carolinas and environs. The CKC communicates with our members primarily via email and Facebook page (below).

Membership: Annual dues are $5 due in February of each year. Annual dues for new members are $5 payable at the first meeting that the new member attends.

  How to contact us:   Our key contacts are...   

       Bob Schraedley    Brian Perkins   Steve Perkins