Killifish Speakers

Are you interested in having a member of the AKA come and speak at your club?  We have a number of excellent speakers who would be happy to come to your club and give a talk.  Topics range from “An Introduction to Killifish” to advanced and taxon-specific subjects.

The  host club is responsible for reimbursing the speaker for travel expenses.  If an overnight stay is required, the host club pays for that and typically pays for the speaker’s meals, but many speakers are happy to stay with a host club member.  Each club should make arrangements directly with the speaker.  The AKA does not get involved in negotiations but provides the speaker with a complimentary one-year AKA membership and possibly other materials.

The following speakers are available to speak on killifish:

Speaker Willing to speak at: Talks Speaker Page
Art Leuterman
Charlie Nunziata
Richard Pierce Anywhere Introduction to Killifish
The Chromaphyosemion species group
It Rains Fishes: South American Annuals
Fishes of Madagascar
Building a DeBruyn Filter Workshop
Fish Photography Workshop (with Tony Terceira)
 Richard Pierce
 Tony Terceira