FAQ – Questions about the Forums

What are the forums?
The forums are a bulletin board system on which users can pose questions about any aspect of the killifish hobby or about the AKA. A number of forums (topic areas) have already been established. If you have suggestions for additional forums, please contact the webmaster, webmaster@aka.org

What are the forum topics?
Currently there are a number of forum topics set up. We are still in the process of determining what number of topics is ideal, and what the subject areas should be.

The General Killie Discussion forum can be used for general questions about killies, their keeping, breeding etc. If you want to start a discussion that focuses rather specifically on a particular fish or group of killies you can choose one of the more specific areas.

There are other forums for topics not directly about the fish but related to the hobby, such as Fish Health & Disease, Foods & Feeding, Fish Room Techniques, etc.

Finally, members can read and discuss AKA related issues in the Members Only forums.

Who can use the forums?
Any visitor to the AKA web site can read the forums in the Public Forums category. However, to post you must be an AKA member and log on. If you are using a private computer (e.g. at home) you can use the Remember Me option at login, which means you won’t have to log in repeatedly when you visit the site.

The Members Only forums are visible only to AKA members and you must be logged in with your AKA user name and password. Again you can use the Remember Me option.

How do I post a message, or reply to a post? Can I edit my posts?You must be logged on to be able to post or reply to a message. As you view a forum you will see a button for New Topic. Use that to start a discussion on a new subject. On established threads you will see a button to Reply. Obviously enough, you click that to reply to the post. There are actually two reply buttons, one above the message and one below. Once you have finished typing, click on the Submit button further down. You can also Preview your message, if you wish.

You can edit your own posts. So, if you notice a mistake, click on the Edit button below your message. That will bring up the message in an edit screen. You can make your changes, then click the Submit button.

Can I be notified of new posts?
 You can ask to receive an email notification whenever a message is posted to any of the forums, to a particular forum, or in a particular thread. To do so you use the Notifications block at the bottom of the forums pages.

If you are on the forums home page, you can request Global Notification. You can choose to be notified on creation of any new forum or of any new posts. Being global that means you would be notified on any new posts to any forum. Note that you can request to receive the notification as a full text message, if you wish.

If you are on a particular forum, you can request notification of any new topics, or any new posts in the forum. Again, you can request full text notifications.

Finally, if you are in a particular discussion thread, you can request notification of any new posts in that thread. In that case, only notification without full text is available.

Make sure that your notification method is set to email. Otherwise your notification will be by Personal Message, which requires a visit to the web site to view. There is a link to change this in the Notification block, if necessary.

Finally, be careful with checking notifications. If you check global notification for all posts, then check notification for a particular forum, you will get two notices. If this happens you can easily go in and uncheck the appropriate choice.

What is the bookmark, PDF, etc. link at the bottom of each post?
 This link brings up a menu allowing you to bookmark a post to certain social networking (bookmarking) sites, such as del.icio.us; to make a PDF of the post; to email it to someone else; or to print the post. This offers a way to build a personal archive of posts you find particularly useful.

What privileges do I have when using the forums?
 Anyone can read the public forums. You must be logged on to post. Which forums you can use depends on whether you are an AKA member or a visitor.

In a forum, at the bottom of the list of discussion topics, you will see a list of your privileges, telling you what you can and cannot do. In addition AKA members can use the member only forums.

How can I embed images in my posts?
You can embed an image in a message, such that it will appear in your post when others read it.

To embed an image, use the Browse button to navigate to the image on your computer. Allowed file extensions (formats) are jpg, jpeg, png and gif.

There will be a notice regarding the maximum file size allowed. We recommend that you resize images to about 500 to 600 pixels wide. This is a size that won’t over-power readers’ monitors.

After browsing to the image file, click Upload. You will then see a notice of the attached file, with an option to unattach it if you change your mind. Complete the text of your message, then click Submit.

What are the Forum and Topic Options menus for?
When you are on the forums home page you will see a drop down menu for Main Options. On specific forums there is a similar menu for Forum Options.

These menus allow you to choose various options, the most useful of which might be View New Posts and View Unread Topics. The meaning of these choices is pretty much self evident.

At the level of particular thread, there is a second drop down that allows you to choose the View Mode, in other words, the formatting of the posts. Feel free to experiment with these to see which you prefer.

How do I quote a previous message in my reply?
 After you click on the icon to Reply, you will see, below the reply box, an icon for quote. Click on that and the content of the previous message will be enter within Quote: delimiters. You can delete parts of the quoted message if you only want to quote part of it. Then, type your response below the quoted section and post in the usual way.

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