FAQ – Questions about the AKA

What is the mission of the American Killifish Association?
The aims of the AKA are to advance the enjoyment, propagation, study and conservation of killifish (oviparous Cyprinodontiform fish) and to promote fellowship amongst its members. The AKA maintains a number of programs to further these aims. These include the bimonthly publication of the Journal of the American Killifish Association and the monthly publication of a Business Newsletter. The latter includes a Fish and Egg Listing in which members can list fish and eggs for sale or wanted. The AKA holds an annual convention and killifish show once each year.

A number of regional clubs throughout North America are affiliated with the AKA and share its objectives. These clubs meet regularly and hold annual shows. Through these meetings and shows, affiliate clubs provide one of the best ways to acquire killifish and to obtain advice on keeping them.

The AKA also provides this web site and its forums, which allow all interested parties to exchange information and opinions on killifish, the hobby, and related topics.

Membership in the AKA is open to everyone within the guidelines of the Constitution and Bylaws, and the association has members from all over the world. You can join online using the links on this web site.

How can I join the AKA?
 You can join the AKA using the online forms available on this web site. Online payment is via Paypal. You can opt to pay each year by returning to this site to do so.

If you would like to avoid the need to remember when your payment is due each year, you can use the subscription option. If you do so, Paypal will automatically charge you each year.

New members receive a free copy of the Beginners Manual. All members receive the bimonthly JAKA in the mail and the monthly Business Newsletter by e-mail.

How can I notify the AKA of address changes, etc?
You can update your e-mail address and mailing address by going to your profile and editing the information.

How can I contact the Board of Trustees or other officers of the AKA?
If you are a member, you can contact the Board of Trustees through the links on the Board of Trustees Page.  Email addresses for the Board of Trustees members are also listed in the BNL.

There is a general contact form on the web site which sends an e-mail to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the AKA. He or she may answer your question directly or forward it to the appropriate person. We try to answer all serious inquiries as quickly as possible. Please remember that we are all volunteers and that work or family obligations may interfere with same-day responses. Please be sure to read all the FAQs before e-mailing a question.

If you are an AKA member you can also use the Members Only forums to raise issues related to AKA business. The BOT will monitor those forum topics. Posts must be civil. Inappropriate posts will be edited or deleted.

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