FAQ- Can you sell me killifish

The short answer is no.

The American Killifish Association exists for the primary purpose of disseminating killifish information and promoting fellowship among its members.  It is an all volunteer organization.  As an organization, we do not exist for the purpose of importing, breeding and distributing killifish.  That requires an infrastructure that we, as an organization, do not have.

That being said, membership in the AKA opens up access to the world of killifish keepers, breeders, and affiliate clubs,  many of who do import, breed and distribute killifish.  The AKA also offers members the chance to list fish they have for sale in the Fish & Egg Listings in the monthly Business Newsletter.

The AKA does not maintain a “Breeder’s Registry” of who has which fish.  The primary reason is to respect member’s privacy.  In the past, members with certain, highly sought-after fish have been harassed by others who want access to that fish.  Such behavior is antithetical to the spirit of the AKA.  AKA members are among the most generous people you will encounter in regards to sharing fish with other members.

If you join the AKA, go to conventions, breed and show fish, and demonstrate you are able to successfully keep and breed killifish, the world of killifish will open up to you and you will have access to fish you never dreamed of.  Many killifish keepers acquire new killies with the goal of getting them established in the hobby.  This means that the first offspring of those fish are often given to established breeders as “insurance” against a fish room disaster or loss and to further propagate the species.  Once the fish are secure, excess stock often ends up in shows and auctions.

Many have accused the AKA of being an “Old Boys (and Girls) Club” and to some extent it is.  However all are welcome to join the AKA.  By networking with existing members you can easily learn how to be successful with killies.  Most AKA members feel that there are not enough people breeding killies and new people are encouraged to enter the hobby.  There are few, if any “Trade Secrets” among killie keepers.  Many current AKA members learned how to keep killies from an established killie keeper and were given their first pair of killies for free with the understanding that they would do the same when their time came.

Even if you do not join the AKA, our annual convention is open to all and is an excellent place to purchase killifish.  Many affiliate clubs are also open to all, although most expect you will eventually join and support the AKA.  If you cannot make it to an annual convention or an affiliate club, you will often find killifish and killie keepers at a general aquarium club.

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