AKA Subscriptions via PAYPAL

AKA Members who have legacy PayPal Auto-Subscription payments will be receiving a notice from PayPal that their subscription payments were cancelled.

We have finished our transition to a new data base and accounting system that utilizes: improved membership notification & management, lower cost overhead, and more secure transactions with PayPal. Do not be alarmed if you received a PayPal notification that your subscription has been cancelled.

Moving forward all AKA member’s will need to go to the join renew page, enter their email address, and select their membership options 1, 3, or 5 year membership and how they choose to make their payment.

Feel free to call me if you are an AKA member with further questions or concerns. My phone number is readily available in the on-line roster.

Respectfully Submitted…       Jim Langan, AKA Webmaster