Judging Standards Committee

   The AKA Judging Standards Committee was formed by Charlie Nunziata in 1982. The purpose of this committee is to standardize the judging procedure for the AKA Convention and local killifish shows. Before that time, the host club set the classes and rules for each Convention. Now a committee exists to set the rules and classes, and to run the judging process. The committee is appointed by the committee chairperson. This standardization was set up to ensure fair and unbiased judging of show entries. A 100 point system for pairs was created to point each pair of killifish entered by color, body shape, size, fins, compatibility, health and breeding potential. Two judges judge the fish based on this system. Only judges certified by the Chairperson or a member of the committee are allowed to judge.

   In evaluating judging candidates, a computer spreadsheet is used to evaluate each candidate’s fish score against the certified judges’ score. This keeps the certification process totally unbiased. Anyone interested in obtaining information about the Judging Certification program or any other aspect of the committee should contact the current Chairperson, Art Leuterman by e-mail. The physical address and phone number for Art are listed in the AKA roster.


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Current Judging Committee  

Art Leuterman Chairman
Fritz Bazely Assistant Chairman
  Committee Members
Ken Lazara Charlie Nunziata
Dan Katz Jim Hutchings
Jack Heller Sandy Binder
Brian Watters Lee Harper
Jim Gasior
Photography Subcommittee
Tony Terceira John Brill
Current List of Judges
Note: Year indicates the year the judge last judged in the convention or a regional show. Judges must judge in either one at least once every four years to maintain certification.
Name Status Classes Year Name Status Classes Year
Mark Amen Class 1,9,14,15,2,13 2009 Joel Antkowiak Senior All 2010
Fritz Bazeley Senior All 2010 Fred Behrman Class 12,10,3,4,9 2010
Kurt Bihlmayer Senior All 2009 Sandy Binder Senior All 2010
Bill Bishopp Class 7,9 2010 John Brill Class 1,2 2010
Andre Carletto Senior All 2007 John Clairmont Senior All 2010
Keith Cook Class 3,4,5,10 2010 Barry Cooper Class 4 2010
&Scott Davis Senior All 2010 Mark DelRaso Senior All 2010
Chris Diaz Class 10 2010 Karl Doering Senior All 2010
Doug Eberling Senior All 2009 Martin Fischer Senior All 2007
Dave Franco Senior All 2010 Bill Gallagher Class 13 2009
Jim Gasior Senior All 2010 Tom Grady Senior All 2010
Charlie Grimes Senior All 2009 Jack Guida Senior All 2009
Ron Harlan Senior All 2009 Lee Harper Senior All Retired
Jack Heller Senior All 2010 Hal Henglein Senior All 2007
Jim Hinkle Senior All 2010 Gary Hoover Senior All 2010
Jim Hutchings Senior All 2010 Liz Hutchings Senior All 2010
Wright Huntley Class 6 2007 Dan Katz Senior All Retired
Tom Kean Senior All 2009 David Koran Sr. Senior All 2007
Edd Kray Senior All 2009 Ken Lazara Senior All 2010
Monty Lehmann Senior All 2008 Max Leutermann Senior All 2010
Art Leuterman Senior All 2010 Bill Logue Class 6,11 2010
Arch Martin Senior All 2010 Dick Martino Senior All 2009
Jeff McKee Senior All 2008 Ken McKeighen Class 1,5,6,8 2010
Cuck McLamb Senior All 2010 Bob Morenski Senior All 2009
Paul Murphy Class 7,4 2008 Greg Niedzielski Senior All 2010
Dan Nielson Senior All 2010 Charlie Nunziata Senior All 2010
Marshall Ostrow Class 12,13 2010 Gary Palubicki Class 2 2010
Joe Scanlan Class 1,5,6,7 2010 Gerhart Schreiber Senior All Retired
Kit Stowell Senior All 2009 Harry Specht Senior All Retired
Dave Suffia Class 5 2008 Tony Terceira Senior All 2010
John Van Rompu Senior All 2010
Ray Van Veen Class 3 2008 Brian Watters Senior All 2009
Ruud Wildekamp Senior All 2009 Bob Wolter Class 5,7,9 2010